Expert on Veterinary issues
      • Application deadline
        24.07.2016 Active Closed
      • Starting date
      • Type of contract
      • Language required
        Fluency in written and spoken English. Knowledge of Romanian, Ukrainian and/or Russian is an asset
      • Expected duration of assignment
        6 weeks

      Duty Station:                   Chisinau, Moldova
      Classification:                  Consultant
      Fee:                                  EUR 250 per billable day

      1.       Nature of the consultancy: Advisory services and support on strategic and operational issues related to Veterinary to officials of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
      2.      IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing: European Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine.
      3.      Organizational Context: The EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) to Moldova and Ukraine was established, based on a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on 7 October 2005 by the European Commission, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, with IOM as the EU’s implementing partner. The Mission is a technical assistance and advisory body that aims at enhancing the border and customs management capacities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, approximate the standards of the border and law enforcement authorities to those of the EU and to enhance the implementation of the rule of law.
      4.      Main objectives of the assignment/scope of work: The Expert on Veterinary issues works in EUBAM Office in Moldova under the overall supervision of the Head of EUBAM Office in Moldova and in close cooperation with the Customs, Trade and Governance Office. His/her main responsibility is to ensure fulfilment of the relevant tasks of the EUBAM Office in Chisinau and provide advice and support on strategic and operational Veterinary topics.
      5.      Tasks to be performed under this contract:

      • Provide support and substantive advice in helping the Veterinary authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to approximate their procedures and approaches to those of the EU in line with Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area requirements.
      • Participate in planning, development and implementation of EUBAM initiatives supporting the Veterinary authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
      • Provide advice and assistance in organizing, coordinating, carrying out assessments of Veterinary control procedures (including through the use of advanced tools such as risk analysis/assessment, proportion of e -systems, simplified procedures, etc.).
      • Support the Veterinary agencies in reviewing the normative framework through identifying possible gaps and supporting the drafting of relevant normative amendments in line with the respective strategy, EU-Moldova/Ukrainian Association Agreement, the Action Plan for Its Implementation and other relevant guiding instruments.
      • Provide specialist advice on the interpretation and improvement of rules and regulations on Veterinary control.
      • In coordination with the EUBAM, support the Veterinary authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in assessing control operational needs, suggest and promote capacity building initiatives and develop other necessary recommendations for the implementation of the relevant parts of the Association Agreement and the Action Plan for its Implementation and other relevant initiatives.
      • Provide advice on the implementation of reliable testing, & diagnostics of goods in relation to food safety and live animals.
      • Support the specialized national authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in the effective exchange of information (on presence of animal diseases and food safety).
      • Take the lead in monitoring compliance of the implementation of trade policy measures in the field of Veterinary Ensure timely and appropriate reporting on his/her activity.
      • Through actions performed at the Border Crossing Points between Moldova and Ukraine monitor and report on the humane treatment of live animals during transportation.
      • Consult with EUBAM on appropriate and agreed approaches to the specified tasks prior to assumption of the tasks. Upon completion of the tasks provide to EUBAM a final report on the consultancy assignment and its outcomes, offering observations on the impact of the consultancy for the national/regional programmes it is supporting and any future assignments by the Organization.
      • Perform other relevant duties as may be assigned.

      6.        Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment.
      Key outputs will include:

      • Compilation of a thorough and detailed checklist/questionnaire elaborated in consultation with other actors projects and programmes in the area of Veterinary reform within Moldova and Ukraine that seeks to identify and/or confirm approximation of procedures and standards to those of the EU by the appropriate designated authorities and relevant agencies at the border between Moldova and Ukraine as well as the Transnistrian region in line with the requirements of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.
      • The drafting of a comprehensive assessment report to be completed before the end of the assignment to contain a comprehensive description of areas where legislation and procedures, in relation to activities undertaken by authorities at the border of Moldova and Ukraine including the Transnistrian region, need further adaptation or improvement.

      7.       Realistic delivery dates and details as to how the work must be delivered.
      The assignment shall commence no later than 15 August 2016 and conclude prior to 30 September 2016 utilising a maximum period of thirty (30) billable days.

      8.       Monitoring and reporting requirements:
      The Expert on Veterinary issues reports to the Head of EUBAM Office in Moldova, who is responsible for evaluation of performance and quality of the work deliverables. The reporting takes place through written and verbal briefs.
      The working language of the assignment shall be English and all reports and formal communications relating to the assignment shall be in the English language. If required by the partners for organizational convenience translation from English to Russian or Romanian language, will be coordinated by EUBAM.
      All presentations, reports or formal correspondence shall follow appropriate EUBAM communications templates and in the first instance shall be submitted through the Head of EUBAM Office in Moldova, who may decide to subject such presentations or draft reports to peer review by other EUBAM experts, prior to release of such products to originally intended audience.
      The Head of EUBAM Office in Moldova is responsible for approving the format, content and quality of such reports on behalf of EUBAM, prior to the release of such presentations and reports to the relevant agencies in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
      Following approval of presentations and reports by EUBAM, the release of reports to the relevant partners in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine shall carry with it the transfer of full ownership and intellectual property rights attached thereto, without constraint. All presentations, reports and correspondence shall be submitted to the Head of EUBAM Office in Moldova in electronic form using Microsoft Word / PowerPoint and / or PDF format.
      No documentation produced by the consultant in relation to this assignment, shall subsequently be published, released or distributed by the consultant to a third party without the express, prior written approval of IOM the EUBAM Head of Mission. This constraint shall survive the expiry date of the contract under which the consultant is engaged to undertake this assignment.
      9.       Required Qualifications and Experience:

      • Active civil servant of EU Member State or EU Institution.
      • University degree or equivalent in the Veterinary management/ sciences, economics or law.
      • At least seven (7) years of progressively responsible work experience in an EU country Veterinary agency, of which at least three (3) years spent in management position.
      • Proven in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Veterinary management and integrated border management concept on the EU level and ability to effectively apply this knowledge within organizational context and deliver quality products consistently throughout the consultancy duration.
      • Good knowledge of EU legislation in the area of Veterinary management.
      • Demonstrated ability to work in a multinational and multicultural environment with respect for diversity.
      • Advisory experiences with EU/EC border management missions/external assistance programmes in transition/developing countries is an asset.
      • Excellent drafting, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
      • Fluency in written and spoken English. Knowledge of Romanian, Ukrainian and/or Russian is an asset.
      • Strong thematic knowledge and ability to deliver quality products consistently throughout the consultancy duration.
      • Demonstrated ability to analyze complex issues by taking into account the situations of multiple countries and synthesize the analysis with concrete recommendations in writing.
      • Excellent organizational skills and punctuality of the submission of the deliverables.
      • Flexible to accommodate certain changes to the timeline and methodology and responsive to changes as part of the review and feedback process.
      • Computer literacy (Windows applications).

      Logistics and Timing:
      The assignment may involve trips within the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
      Subject to prior arrangement the consultant will have access to EUBAM deployed transportation, and translation / interpreter resources. Should the assignment require duty trips outside of Chisinau, Moldova, the consultant will not be entitled to any per-diem.
      The consultant will be attached to the EUBAM Office in Moldova under the overall supervision of the Head of EUBAM Office in Moldova.
      The consultant will work closely with relevant personnel from the Chisinau and Tiraspol agencies/institutions and where necessary with appropriate EUBAM experts.
      Before commencing work, the Consultant will be required to submit a statement of good health signed by a certified medical doctor, including confirmation that the Consultant’s vaccinations required for the countries to which travel may be required are up to date.
      IOM only covers the Consultant against occupational accidents and illnesses under the Compensation Plan (CP), free of charge, for the duration of the assignment. IOM does not provide evacuation or medical insurance for reasons related to non-occupational accidents and illnesses. The Consultant is responsible for his/her own medical insurance for non-occupational accident or illness.
      How to apply:
      Email your CV and cover letter in English to:
      Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line of your message.
      Note: As per the EU’s commitment to improve gender balance in EU missions, qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.
      Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for the appointment,
      Closing date for applications: 24.07.2016; however, interested candidates are strongly encouraged to apply sooner.
      Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.
      The offer to the candidate is subject to funding confirmation.