A new mobile friendly web-site provides information on crossing the Moldovan border

        The new web-site frontiera.gov.md with full information on crossing the border of the Republic of Moldova was presented to the public today. Friendly for mobile devices, the web-site provides travelers with information on the required documents, visa, customs allowances, temporary entrance of vehicles, hot-lines telephone numbers as well as the current situation at the border crossing points. Information is provided in three languages: Romanian, English and Russian.

        The web-site was developed jointly by Moldovan agencies with the support of the European Union through EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine. Head of the Border Police Department, Mr. Dorin Purice, Head of the Customs Service, Mr. Vitalie Vrabie and Head of Bureau for the Migration and Asylum, Mrs. Olga Poalelungi, signed today the Memorandum of Understanding, ensuring the sustainability of the website.

        Mr. Mindaugas Kacerauskis, Political Officer within Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, mentioned: “This tool created with the assistance of the European Union, through EUBAM, is intended to  become a one-stop shop for all the people interested in travelling to the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, it show-cases a horizontal cooperation between the relevant services, which is always important for increased efficiency and security.”

        “The activity of the Border Police tends to adapt to new information technologies, making it responsive to the challenges related to border security, as well as the development of efficient and open communication between border authorities and people crossing the border, providing safety and quality services.”, specified Mr. Purice, Head of the Border Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova.

        “Correct information at the right time prevents unexpected, often unpleasant, situations. The platform “frontiera.gov.md” was created to offer an easy, clear and integrated way to provide information to individuals crossing the border.”, noted the Head of the Customs Service by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Vitalie Vrabie

        The Head of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Mrs. Olga Poalelungi, mentioned: “The website jointly launched by the Moldovan authorities with the support of EUBAM will allow both Moldovan and foreign citizens to be informed on the rules of stay in Moldova, issues related to documentation, employment, family reunification and other matters necessary for everyday life.
        The common platform will allow people to receive comprehensive information about the procedures, responsible agencies, necessary documents, terms and tariffs. They will also have the opportunity to benefit from new online services. The launch of a new information platform represents an advancement in transparency, accessibility and will reduce bureaucracy for our citizens.”

        Head of EUBAM’s Border Management Department Mr. Colin Gazeley noted: ‘Before, travelers had to visit the web-sites of three different agencies to find the border crossing rules and visa requirements. Now they can easily find the information they need in one place. This is a good example of interagency cooperation which is one of the pillars of EU Integrated Border Management’.

        Availability of clear and easily accessible public information makes the border crossing faster and helps to prevent misunderstandings between travelers and border officers. It also reduces the risk of corruption at the border. The web-site will be maintained and updated regularly by the Moldovan authorities.