‘Beautiful Danube’ Photo Competition: meet the winners!

        EUBAM’s area of operations cover the entire 1,222km-long common border between Moldova and Ukraine, as well as the adjacent ports in Odesa Oblast. The geography at the border varies considerably, from verdant hills in the north, to expansive fields in the east and south.

        Yet one of the undoubted highlights within the Mission’s area is the Danube Delta. It is the second largest river delta in Europe, covering over 4,150 km² between Ukraine and Romania, before meeting the Black Sea. The area hosts 23 different natural ecosystems, and is home to over 300 different types of birds, including herons, mallards and pelicans, as well as 45 species of freshwater fish.

        The region is one of the least inhabited in Europe, but for EUBAM it contains two important ports, at Izmail, and on the Delta’s northern tip at Reni. They had a combined cargo turnover of 6.65 million tonnes in 2016, with Izmail the seventh largest port in Ukraine. EUBAM’s Field Office in Giurgiulesti regularly visits both locations to advise Officers from Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service and State Fiscal Service.

        In May 2017, the Mission launched a photo competition to capture the scenery and everyday life in the Danube Delta. 63 entries were received, many of which typify the natural beauty and tranquillity of the region. A short selection is included in this slideshow. EUBAM hopes you enjoy this glimpse into a fascinating area just a few short hours’ drive from the hustle and bustle of Odesa.

        • Фото: Юрий Литвиненко / Photo: Yuriy Litvinenko