Cake, great prizes and joy of drawing – ‘My Europe’ exhibition opens in Chisinau and Odessa

        To celebrate Europe day in Moldova and Ukraine, an exhibition of the winning art works of ‘My Europe’ drawing competition was opened in Chisinau May 23, and in Odessa on June 2.

        “This competition is great! The best thing is the cakes and the prizes,” Maxim smiled and dedicated his winning piece of art to his teacher in the opening of the exhibition at Greek Foundation for Culture in Odessa. 

        This year, more than 700 Moldovan and Ukrainian children, aged between five and sixteen, took part in the competition. The topics for the drawings were ‘My favorite European city’, ‘My favorite European painter’ and ‘My holiday in Europe’. 50 drawings of the Moldovan entries were chosen for the exhibition in Chisinau, and 73 of the Ukrainian drawings for the Odessa exhibition.

        “I thought of drawing Big Ben for a whole week, since I saw it first on TV. I chose to go for a Big Ben because I like England very much”, said Daniel, a 12-year old young artist from Chisinau. Besides drawing, the young anglophile enjoys swimming and football. He proudly told he was the only one of 59 school children in his school whose art work was selected for the exhibition.

        The drawing competition was organized for the fourth time in Moldova and Ukraine.

        In Chisinau, the children’s art work can be seen at the Republican Centre for Children and Youth during the summer months.

        In Odessa, the exhibition is held at the Greek Foundation for Culture until end of July.