Chisinau – Odesa: the train connecting people

        Odesa, 30 March – European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM), the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Moldovan Railways (CFM), Odesa State Regional Administration and Ukrainian Railways (UZ) have the pleasure to announce you that starting from today, the journey by train from Chisinau to Odesa and back becomes faster and more comfortable.

        Following the joint efforts between the parties, a modernized diesel train starts to operate, completing the planned sequence of actions intended to increase the attractiveness of the passenger train connection between Chisinau and Odesa. The replacement of the old-fashioned rolling stock with a modernised train not only brings the quality and comfort of the journey to a new level, but it also reduces its duration. Thus, the connection between Chisinau and Odesa lasts now 3 hours and 50 minutes. This means 120 minutes shorter than it used to be when the Mission initiated this project in 2016. Moreover, the new schedule will allow more time (8 hours) to be spent in Odesa, which is a positive development, especially during summer time when travellers can easily plan a one-day trip to Odesa.

        The improved conditions of the journey between Chisinau and Odesa provide an opportunity for a convenient international connection between Moldova and Ukraine, for instance to reach Odesa and Chisinau International Airports. Thus, the touristic potential of the two countries could be more actively exploited since getting to Odesa seashore or multiple wineries in Moldova, popular concerts and other cultural events becomes easier. Moreover, the modernized train that runs via Tiraspol brings closer the two banks of the Nistru River.

        Against this background, Ambassador Peter Michalko, Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova stated: “The launch of the Chisinau-Odesa train represents a great opportunity for connecting people. The new train is modern, safe and quick, and the safe movement of persons and goods is a key EU value. This will also bring great benefits, more opportunities and more income for touristic and economic activities. Most importantly, the new train will radically improve the entire travel experience of passengers with its modern facilities and services.”

        Attending the launch of the new train, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, mentioned: “The modern Chisinau-Odesa train will offer its passengers travelling comfort, safety and reduced travel time. I am confident this change will also have an economic impact.”

        The Head of EUBAM, Slawomir Pichor, noted: “For EUBAM the improved travelling conditions will definitely foster people-to-people contacts offering them better opportunity to visit each other and to learn about their cultures. I want to congratulate all people involved in this project for making the running of this modernized train a dream come true.”

        The Director General of Moldovan Railways, Iurii Topala, highlighted that “the launching of the modernized train D1M on Chisinau-Odesa route offers the possibility for the passengers to travel safer, faster and more comfortable”.