Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration of the Republic of Moldova pays a visit to the EUBAM HQ

        On 8 October, the Deputy Prime Minister for the Reintegration of the Republic of Moldova, Mr Vladislav Kulminski accompanied by the Head of the Bureau for Reintegration Policies, Mr Alin Gvidiani, and the Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Odesa, Mr Ion Ciorniy paid a visit to the EUBAM HQ in Odesa.

        The Head of Mission, Mr Slawomir Pichor, briefed the guests on the EUBAM’s mandate and work on the ground. In his turn, the Deputy Prime Minister informed EUBAM about the most recent developments in the Transnistrian settlement process pertinent to the Mission’s activities.

        The discussions focused on the current stage of the implementation of joint control, border infrastructure modernization and trends in border traffic at the Moldova-Ukraine border. The officials also shared their insights on the participation of Transnistrian economic operators in the international trade and the admission of vehicles from the Transnistrian region to the international road traffic.

        At the end, the parties expressed their willingness to continue cooperation on Transnistrian region-related confidence building measures as well as in identifying viable solutions to topical issues on the settlement negotiations agenda.