EUBAM Advisory Board commends the recent developments at the Moldova-Ukraine state border

        On 27 June 2018,  the 32nd Advisory Board Meeting of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine took place in Odesa, in the presence of representatives from the Foreign Ministries, border, customs and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the European Union Delegations to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the International Organization for Migration, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and United Nations Development Programme.

        EUBAM’s support to Transnistria settlement process and confidence building measures, assistance to the implementation of Integrated Border Management concept and advisory operational support to preventing and combating cross-border crime were appreciated by the Advisory Board. In the same time, Partner Services and EUBAM’s efforts were very much welcomed as regards the launching of the newly constructed border crossing point Palanca-Mayaki-Udobne and Moldovan and Ukrainian border and customs agencies were encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and make maximum use of this model for ensuring smooth and secure border traffic.

        European Union Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, H.E. Peter Michalko stated that “EUBAM as an essential partner to the competent authorities in both the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine has enabled progress in all three areas of its mandate, which are delivering technical support to the Transnistrian settlement process, implementing the European Union’s Integrated Border Management Concept along the Moldovan/Ukrainian border and assisting the law enforcement authorities in fighting cross-border crime.  With a view to the future, EUBAM will continue to provide its assistance to the partners in order to achieve further progress on implementing joint border control after the successful examples of previously established Jointly Operated Border Crossing Points.  Doing so, the goal ultimately is to provide more comfort, more security to both citizens and economic operators”.

        Mr Stefan Schleuning, Head of Cooperation, the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, emphasized the important role carried by EUBAM within the EU’s actions in implementing the integrated border management concept in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. “Opening of Palanca-Mayaki-Udobne border crossing point, constructed with EU’s financial support, is one of the concrete recent examples of such successful actions. This modern border crossing point will ensure smooth and secure border traffic. That’s why full commitment in further implementing the integrated border management concept should be ensured by all parties involved”, he mentioned.

        H.E. Ion Stavila, Ambassador-at large within Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova appreciated the good cooperation between EUBAM and the authorities from the Republic of Moldova, and noted in particular that „The Mission continued to offer the necesary assistance in implementing integrating border management and strengthening institutional capacity of specialists from both banks of the Nistru River. We reconfirm our interest in working further in order to proceed with the joint control implementation at the Moldova-Ukraine border, with a particular attention to the central part of the border, for the benefit of both countries”.

        Mr. Serhii Saienko, Acting Director General of the Directorate for the European Union and the NATO of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that, “EUBAM is considerably contributing to building capacities of customs and border services of Ukraine, advocating for reforms and fulfilment of Association Agreement (AA)/DCFTA commitments. I believe that the role and value of the EU, represented by EUBAM and EUAM Field Office in Odesa, go much wider promoting the EU standards in the area of European integration and further democratic development of both Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova”.

        Head of EUBAM Mr Slawomir Pichor concluded that: “The significant developments made by our Partner Services with the Mission’s support, have been well appreciated both at the national and international level. The launching of the first border crossing point on the Moldova-Ukraine border designed specifically for full-fledged joint control together with the new initiatives in the area of confidence building measures as well as the establishment of the Inter-agency Regional Analytical Group aimed at regular assessment of risks and threats in Odesa region gives us trust that we will continue together this challenging, but so important and rewarding work and we will extend our list of achievements”.

        The Advisory Board will meet again in Chisinau in November 2019.