EUBAM and Bavarian State Criminal Police intensify cooperation

        On 15th of March the European Union Border Assistance Mission for Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) and Bavarian State Criminal Police (BLKA) signed a Joint Statement on Cooperation. The document, signed by the Deputy Head of EUBAM Mr Slawomir Pichor and Criminal Director of Bavarian State Criminal Police Mr Alfons Zehentner, is focused first of all on intensification of cooperation in the area of combating vehicle crime on international level.

        The Joint Statement outlines the procedure for the exchange of vehicle data which will help to raise efficiency of investigation efforts of border and law enforcement agencies in Moldova and Ukraine in the area of combating vehicle crime. BKLA will also continue providing support to EUBAM initiative Task Force ‘Vehicle Crime’ as well as providing training for Ukrainian and Moldovan officers from the border and law enforcement agencies.

        Both parties agreed that the Joint Statement will make the information exchange easier and will bring the cooperation between EUBAM and BLKA on a higher level. The Joint Statement will remain in force until the end of EUBAM’s current mandate, 30 November 2015.