EUBAM and FRONTEX coordinated their support for Ukrainian border guards

        On 24 – 25 January the delegation from European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) visited EUBAM Headquarters and the Field Office at Odessa Sea Port to coordinate their operational plans for the next year.

        Frontex team, consisting of officers from Romania, Slovenia, France and Spain, presented the concept of the Joint Operation ‘Coordination Points’ 2018 and discussed the possibility to deploy additional focal point in one of the ports in Odesa area. EUBAM presented its main activities planned for the next phase, provided insights of its daily work with the partner services at Odesa and Chornomorsk ports and expressed the readiness to support Frontex initiatives within EUBAM’s area of responsibilities .

        “United efforts and improved coordination of international support would help to allocate the limited donor resources more wisely and to more effectively assist the Ukrainian partners in counteracting cross-border crime”, said Urmas Koidu, Head of Planning, Analyses and Coordination Office. “Being present on the ground, EUBAM is ready to support other EU agencies with its knowledge and expertise”, he added.

        EUBAM has a long history of cooperation with Frontex agency. For a few years the Mission has provided assistance within the Joint Operation ‘Coordination Points’ at Otaci, Tudora and Kuchurgan border crossing points. Frontex has been an important partner for most of EUBAM led joint operations including the Joint Border Control Operations Navigator targeting the illegal movement of firearms, explosives, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials which was held in 2017.