EUBAM and its Partners searching ways to improve cargo traffic flow across borders

        This week EUBAM fostered a high-level trilateral meeting of the MD-RO-UA Regional Customs Coordination Group on Streamlining Cargo Traffic Flow and EU-UA Solidarity Lanes that focused on streamlining cargo flow through the corridor Reni-Giurgiulesti-Galati, one of the essential land-based corridors for Ukraine’s agricultural but also other products to the EU. The meeting was held at the Galati border crossing point in Romania.

        The southern border-crossing points through the Republic of Moldova (Giurgiulesti-Reni) and further on to Romania (Giurgiulesti-Galati) have become vital lifelines for road cargo. Still, their infrastructure was not designed for such an increase in volume. As the pressure alleviation is vital for the functioning of that corridor, the neighbouring country’s customs authorities came together already the second time, having conveyed before in December, to discuss how to better manage cargo traffic in the case of emergency caused by the Russian strikes that damage critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine thus disrupting the work of border crossing points at the Moldova-Ukraine border and having an impact on the movement across Moldova-Romania border.

        The President of the Romanian Customs Authority, Mr Bogdan-Lari Mihei, together with the Head of EUBAM Slawomir Pichor, co-chaired the meeting where participants analyzed the fallback procedures used in emergency situations in the three countries, debated on improving the operational mechanism and identifying solutions to make shorter the time of reaction at the borders in case disturbances.

        The representatives of the Romanian Customs Authority, Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova, and State Customs Service of Ukraine appreciated EUBAM’s consistent support against the challenges in border management. “We greatly appreciate the partnership with EUBAM, and this regional customs coordination group is very important for the relations among the customs authorities of Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, especially in today’s regional context where streamlining the traffic flow at the joint borders is key.”, Bogdan-Lari Mihei, President of the Romanian Customs Authority, stated.

        In the spirit of good cooperation, EUBAM and the customs authorities of Romania, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine, reiterated openness to active cooperation through coordination of joint actions and intensified efforts to ensure border protection. It was also decided to establish a trilateral working group to identify solutions to reduce the burden at the borders and to better manage traffic flow, in particular for agricultural products.