EUBAM and Moldovan Border Police discuss actions for strengthening Mobile Units’ operations

        On 10 January, in Chisinau, EUBAM held a working meeting with the senior management of the General Border Police Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova and discussed strengthening of the Border Police mobile units’ operations. In this respect, earlier, following the request addressed by the Head of the General Border Police Inspectorate for supporting further development of the Border Police mobile units, the Mission carried out a review of operations of MDBP mobile units and shared the findings with the management of the agency. To this end, EUBAM held numerous meetings and discussions with MDBP representatives and reviewed the relevant Moldovan legislation.

        During the meeting, the parties acknowledged the assessment of the current situation and EUBAM’s recommendations on enhancing effectiveness of mobile units’ operations, and also agreed on the follow-up actions.

        Background information: Moldovan Border Police mobile units aim is to prevent, detect and counteract cross border crimes linked to illegal circulation of persons and vehicles; ascertain violations related to illegal stay of foreigners, and illegal border crossing by persons or vehicles. To this end, mobile units are deployed to different locations depending on operational needs and based on the use of risk analysis. They are used to patrol the green/blue border areas, to conduct road inspections in the border area or could be involved in a special operation.