EUBAM and Odesa Customs to enhance cooperation in improving the border crossing and fighting against cross border crime

        During the meeting at EUBAM HQ the delegation of Odesa Customs led by its Head Mr Oleksandr Vlasov discussed with EUBAM management current activities and coordinated plans for the future.

        Joint border control matters were in the focus of the discussion. Appreciating the Mission’s support with Jointly Operated Border Crossing Point Palanca project, Head of the Odesa Customs expressed hope for further EUBAM’s assistance in technical areas to make this border crossing point operating according to the highest European standards. Issues of wide introduction of ‘Singe window’ at the border and inland customs posts were also discussed.

        Head of EUBAM, Mr Slawomir Pichor highlighted the need for better coordination of efforts both on operative and managerial levels. It was agreed that the Mission and the Odesa Customs would intensify information exchange and the managers would meet face to face regularly.
        EUBAM will continue to facilitate contacts between Ukrainian customs authorities, EU member states and international law enforcement agencies. Such cooperation has already led to a number of successful operations. Plans for future joint border control operations were also discussed during the meeting.

        Head of Odesa Customs briefed EUBAM on the projects of other donors on counteracting smuggling, organized crime and terrorism and invited EUBAM to provide expert assistance in implementation of these projects.