EUBAM and the Moldovan Customs Service discuss the operational situation regarding cargo traffic at border checkpoints   

        The current operational situation regarding the management of the cargo traffic at the border checkpoints with Ukraine and Romania and merging the efforts of the Mission with its partners was the main topic of the meeting between the Head of EUBAM, Slawomir Pichor and the Director of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova Igor Talmazan and his team. 

        The discussion focused on effective mitigation measures as the recent developments in Ukraine grain exports may affect the road cargo traffic volume at the borders. 

        The sides also talked about the need for border infrastructure development in the context of the high impact of the war in Ukraine on border management. The Head of EUBAM reiterated the Mission’s support for expanding the infrastructure at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, in the perspective of applying joint control at other border checkpoints.

        Last but not least, the sides explored needs and opportunities for future capacity building events in border management and practical application of the European Union customs legislation, where EUBAM can contribute.