EUBAM congratulates the Moldovan Border Police officers on their professional holiday

        On 10 June, the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova (MDBP) celebrated its 28th anniversary. On this occasion, EUBAM joined the events organized both in Chisinau and in Palanca, and congratulated the Moldovan Border Police officers for the hard work, commitment and all the sacrifices implied by their job, especially during this pandemic time and unprecedented challenges.

        During the event organized in Palanca, Slawomir Pichor, the Head of EUBAM, handed over a congratulation letter to the Head of the General Border Police Inspectorate, General Corneliu Groza.

        “You stood in the first line, being the first point of contact for travellers entering the country and you did it with dedication and high professionalism, playing a crucial role in contributing to the effort to control the disease, promoting safer communities, and fighting criminals who might have tried to take advantage of the outbreak. Happy Anniversary, dear Border Police officers and thank you once again for the great work you are doing!”, Head of EUBAM said during his special word for congratulation for the Moldovan Border Police officers.

        The celebration held on the occasion of the MDBP professional holiday  was also a good opportunity for the Head of Mission to have a brief conversation both with the Head of General Border Police Inspectorate, General Corneliu Groza  and with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Pavel Voicu, on EUBAM’s support to the Moldovan Border Police, especially that the event was held at Palanca-Maiaky-Udobne jointly operated border crossing, an EU funded project, supported by EUBAM in all aspects, from helping to apply for the EU funding on initial stage, to advising on the design and technical requirements related to the control procedures of the JOBCP later on. Both Moldovan high-level officials expressed their sincere appreciation for EUBAM’s work.