EUBAM contributes to the first Ukrainian conference on combating illicit firearms trafficking

        On 15 – 16 February EUBAM took part in the First National Conference on Preventing and Combating Illicit Trafficking in Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives in all its Aspects organized by OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine. The conference addressed a wide range of topics, focusing on both legislative and operational aspects of the fight against the illicit trafficking of armaments in Ukraine.

        EUBAM top experts together with representatives of Ukrainian authorities think tanks, the donor community and international organizations discussed a strategic approach towards preventing and combating illicit trafficking of weapons, ammunition, and explosives. The Mission’s speakers presented their insights and best European practices in risk management of illicit arms turnover. At the same time, EUBAM shared its experience in facilitating and enhancing the capabilities of the Mission’s Partner Services in combating arms trafficking at the Moldova-Ukraine border. To showcase an example of establishing good cooperation and coordination mechanisms, the Mission demonstrated the activity and achievements of the EUBAM Arms Working Group (AWG).

        In light of this event, it is important to stress the good cooperation EUBAM and OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine enjoy within AWG. Since the very creation of the Arms Working Group in 2019, OSCE experts greatly contributed to its activity. The organization’s representatives keep AWG members abreast of the OSCE projects’ activities in the region, giving an analytical picture of weapons, ammunition, and explosives proliferation in the area. At the same time, OSCE actively supports the work of AWG by providing specific theoretical and practical training for the law enforcement officers working in the field.