EUBAM Customs Advisor, Galja Pavlova, receives top award from Moldova’s Customs Service

        EUBAM congratulates its Customs Advisor, Galja Pavlova, on receiving the First Class Service Medal from the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova. Galja received the award from its Director General, Vitalie Vrabie, at an official ceremony on 4 September.

        The Medal was awarded for her support to the drafting of the country’s new Customs Code, which is aligned with that of the European Union. The new Code was an essential obligation Moldova undertook as part of its Association Agreement, signed with the EU in 2014.

        Galja recalls that “the process was very intense. In December 2016 we started from the very beginning and completed the work in just five months. People assume the EU’s Customs Code can just be copy and pasted, but alignment does not necessarily mean assimilation. There were some fundamental differences in definitions and procedures we had to overcome. But I’m proud to say that the new draft Customs Code is fully compatible with EU customs standards.”

        The Head of EUBAM, Ambassador Andrew Tesoriere, commented: “We in EUBAM are all very proud of Galja’s thoroughly deserved public recognition and her outstanding contribution to the work of Moldova’s Customs Service”.

        The award was the culmination of nine years Galja has spent advising Moldova’s Customs Service, having previously supported them in different customs domains, including Customs procedures, valuation and classification of goods, mobile units, international joint operations and internal organisation. Prior to working for EUBAM, she served 27 years with Bulgaria’s National Customs Administration.

        EUBAM supports both Moldova and Ukraine in the practical application of the trade and customs provisions that are part of both countries Association Agreements with the EU. This includes advising on legal alignment, recommending procedural changes and advising on the issuance of import/export certificates.