EUBAM exchanges information on irregular migration trends

        Kiev, 17 October – EUBAM expert presented the latest trends and observations concerning irregular migration on the Moldova-Ukraine border at the EU’s Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum’s Expert Meeting on Preventing Facilitation of Irregular Migration. Participants exchanged best practices on the identification and counteracting of irregular migration channels and responsibility of facilitators, practical tools for prevention and co-operation between governments and civil society.

        With its long-running focus on combating cross-border crime, EUBAM presented ideas and practices for strengthening inter-agency and cross-border co-operation in the prevention and detection of irregular migration, and investigation and prosecution of its facilitators. Razvan Budeanu, Head of Field Operations for EUBAM underlined that, “smuggling of migrants is a complex and very adaptable phenomenon. Although Ukraine and Moldova have not witnessed the numbers of irregular migrants passing through other routes into the EU, border agencies have to be fully prepared and the best way they can do this through strengthening inter-agency co-operation and information sharing to fight against criminal networks behind this phenomenon.”

        Enhancing the operational capacities of Ukraine and Moldova’s border agencies to effectively detect and investigate cases related to irregular migration and trafficking in human beings has been a focus of the Mission since 2005. Capacity building activities were undertaken by EUBAM for the border agencies of both countries to profile trafficking victims, enhance risk analysis and selectivity during border checks, and develop new working methodologies and data collection methods. Ukraine and Moldova also enjoy operative cooperation with international organisations, including Europol and Frontex on irregular migration and trafficking cases.

        The two day European Commission-led event was held in Kyiv and organized by Ukraine and Lithuania with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Ukraine. It gathered government policymakers and practitioners, and civil society representatives from the European Commission, EU Member States, Easter Partnership countries and candidate countries, IOM, UNODC and ICMPD.

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