EUBAM fosters dialogue between phytosanitary experts from both sides of Dniester River

        On 30-31 March in Chisinau, EUBAM brought together phytosanitary experts from both banks of the Dniester River in a workshop to learn about international and EU phytosanitary trade and control standards. The workshop continued the joint initiative began in November 2016 and concluded with an intention to schedule further practical events, field visits and site inspections.

        Lack of compliance with EU phytosanitary safety standards was identified by the Moldovan stakeholders as one of the main deterrents to agricultural exports to the EU, and the workshop sought to address the obstacles to achieving compliance. The event also contributed to confidence building between Chisinau and Tiraspol.

        EU phytosanitary experts from Poland and Hungary briefed the participants on the functioning of plant health at international and EU levels, new EU plant health legislation, reduced frequency of import checks, as well as giving a presentation on the EUROPHYT and TRACES systems.