EUBAM hosts the GUAM trade facilitation meeting

        Following the previous request of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS), EUBAM hosted the 21st sitting of the GUAM Steering Committee in the framework of the Project on Trade and Transport Facilitation at the Odessa HQ on 17-18 December 2014.  The representatives of customs authorities of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova discussed a number of joint initiatives.

        Mr Makarenko, Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, highly appreciated EUBAM’s close cooperation and partnership with Ukrainian and Moldovan Customs and recognised the role of the Mission as  being “very important” to their work. Mr Makarenko described the situation in the customs-related part of the activities of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and listed achievements reached within the last six months during his chairmanship of the customs domain. “The GUAM Conference is not only important in terms of exchange of professional information between Customs services of the participating states but also the moral dimension is very important — representatives of GUAM countries are here together” he said.

        EUBAM delivered a presentation on cooperation in the area of trade facilitation and provided representatives with the projects offered to the Partner Services. These include assistance in the creation and leading of a joint working group of Moldovan Customs and SFS of Ukraine on trade facilitation, implementation  and mutual recognition of the Authorized Economic Operators Programme, implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and facilitation of communication between Customs, importers, exporters and professional bodies (Chamber of Commerce, Trade Associations). EUBAM also offered its experience and proven technical solutions to be considered by GUAM Members for possible cooperation in future.

        The EUBAM initiative was well received by the Partner Services. Representative of the Moldovan Customs suggested including in the plan of the working group the Azerbaijan Project implemented in the framework of the WCO Time Release Study project.

        Project on Trade and Transport Facilitation of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova (GUAM) focuses its efforts at simplification and speeding up customs clearance procedures for goods and transport means which cross the state border of participating countries.