EUBAM increases its presence at the Transnistrian segment of Moldovan-Ukrainian border

        Odessa, 17 December 2014 – The unresolved Transnistrian challenge continues to be a major concern for Moldova and Ukraine as well as for the European Union. Starting from 1 December 2014 the number of border guard and customs experts of EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) deployed at the central (Transnistrian segment) of Moldovan-Ukrainian border has increased by 63%, from 19 to 31 experts.

        Engagement at the central segment of Moldovan-Ukrainian border and provision of first-hand information about the situation there is an important task specified in the EUBAM’s mandate. In light of developments in the wider region in 2014, the Mission’s role as a neutral observer at this part of the border has become even more important.

        Starting from last April, the Mission’s experts have been assisting to ensure that tightened controls, such as second line checks, are carried out in compliance with European standards and with human rights. EUBAM has also been providing first-hand information on developments of public interest at the border to the international community and to the media.

        The increased number of experts deployed in Kotovsk and Kuchurgan field offices will allow the Mission to enhance its monitoring and reporting capacities along the entire central sector of Moldovan-Ukrainian border and to better address specific challenges occurring at that segment including counteracting smuggling and providing on-the-job training, tailored to the explicit needs of EUBAM’s partners in border management.

        “The increase in EUBAM’s presence particularly along this part of the border aims both to allay security concerns while also supporting a better service to members of the travelling public”, Andrew Tesoriere, Deputy Head of Mission commented.

        In the near future EUBAM is planning to open a new sub-office to reinforce monitoring of the northern part of the Transnistrian segment of Moldovan-Ukrainian border both at border crossing points and along the green border.