EUBAM joins with Moldova’s Border Police and Customs Service to enhance container and vessel controls

        From 9 October, EUBAM and its partners from Moldova’s Border Police and Customs Service launched a joint assistance exercise to assess and enhance the capabilities of the services in the profiling and selectivity of cargo containers for checks, and the performance of rummaging of vessels.

        Experts from EUBAM’s Field Offices in Giurgiulesti, Chisinau and Odesa were involved, with related events taking place in several locations. This has included exercises in searching vessels for smuggled goods – otherwise known as rummaging – at Giurgiulesti International Free Port.

        EUBAM experts from Germany and Romania shared their experiences with Border Police and Customs Officers on the steps of conducting a vessel’s rummaging, needed equipment and, most importantly, safety and security measures. Experts also advised on methods to select vessels for searches based on scrutiny of their documents.