EUBAM promotes public-private partnership in protecting Intellectual Property Rights

        Representatives of border and police agencies met in Odesa on 19-20 September with business and legal representatives to improve co-operation in enforcing intellectual property rights (IPR) in Moldova and Ukraine. Participants agreed that the legal loopholes constraining the detection, seizure and destruction of counterfeit and pirated goods needed immediate action.

        EUBAM proposed a series of amendments to Ukraine’s Customs Code in 2017 to better protect IPR. These were based on the findings of joint operations, during which discrepancies in the legislation and working procedures of Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service with EU regulations and best practice were observed. Their adoption remains pending parliamentary approval.

        IPR violations continue to pose a significant risk to the security and economies of both Ukraine and Moldova, with lost business for local companies and reduced tax revenue for the Governments.

        The discussions took place in the 8th EUBAM-led Working Group meeting on Protecting Intellectual Property Rights. The meeting was attended by Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service and National Police, Moldova’s Customs Service and its State Agency on Intellectual Property. Ukrainian law firm Pakharenko & Partners, along with the SYNGENTA Corporation also took part.

        EUBAM actively supports more robust legislation and means to effectively detect, seize and destroy counterfeit and pirated goods as part of its efforts to combat cross-border organised crime.