EUBAM’s recommendations discussed by Giurgiulesti Port Users Forum

        On 15 February 2018 EUBAM experts attended the fourth meeting of the Giurgiulesti International Free Port Users Forum. One of the points of the agenda was the review of implementation of the recommendations outlined in the Giurgiulesti Port Study, launched by EUBAM and Moldova Customs Service in 2017. The representative of Border Police reported on improving the infrastructure and technical facilities in particular installation of CCTV cameras at railway border crossing point to reduce the risks of illegal activities. The railways already allocated 140,000 lei on renovation of the inspection bridges which will help to increase effectiveness of customs examination and border checks.

        Participants of the meeting requested EUBAM’s assistance in amending and updating the procedures according to the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic of the International Maritime Organization (IMO FAL Convention) which is expected to be ratified my Moldova soon. EUBAM assured partners in its support to the implementation of the recommendations which require adjustments of national normative acts and legislation.

        The attendees of the Forum also discussed a number of other questions affecting the work of the Port authorities, businesses and life of local residents from port safety to building of a new parking lot for tracks coming to the Port.

        The Giurgiulesti International Free Port Users Forum brings together representatives from all the border services, the Harbour Master, shipping companies and the port’s owner/operator and has been designed to address day-to-day practical, operational, logistical and administrative issues between all relevant stakeholders. Established in support to the implementation of EUBAM’s recommendations now it covers much wider range of issues, proving it sustainability in being a platform for discussion and introducing the EU and international trade facilitation practices in the work of Giurgiulesti Port. The next meeting of the Forum will take place in May 2018.