EUBAM shares best European practices in the fight against pharmaceutical crime

        On 18 – 21 July, EUBAM organized profiled training on pharmaceutical crime for more than one hundred Ukrainian and Moldovan law enforcement experts involved in apprehending illegal medicines at the border.

        The training was held by EUBAM-invited experts Professor Zbigniew Fijałek from the Medical University of Warsaw, and representative of the Polish Central Investigation Bureau of the Police, Commissioner Piotr Woźniak. Professor Fijałek and Commissioner Woźniak shared their insights and best EU practices in the fight against illicit pharmaceuticals with Ukrainian and Moldovan Customs and Border agencies. In the course of the event, the participants were able to deepen their knowledge in the selected aspects of organized pharmaceutical crime, such as distribution channels and modi operandi. Special attention was paid to new psychoactive substances, such as designer drugs, falsified drugs and other psychoactive substances. At the same time, the participants got acquainted with the latest technical novelties in the field of forensic drug testing.

        The Head of EUBAM, Slawomir Pichor, stressed the importance of the fight against pharmaceutical crime, “In times of crisis, the demand for vital medical supply rises and the issue of illicit medicines and medical supplies becomes even more acute. COVID-19 pandemic and the beginning of brutal and unjustified Russia’s war against Ukraine dramatically increased the demand for such goods on the black market. Criminals take advantage of it by producing and smuggling falsified pharmaceutical products, which puts public health and safety at risk. That’s why it is crucial for EUBAM to assist Ukrainian and Moldovan partner services to stay abreast of the latest trends of pharmaceutical crime so they can stop it at the very entry into the country.”