EUBAM shares good practices on radiological emergency response

        On 7 July, EUBAM has organized an online workshop on radiological emergency response. High-profile specialists from Ukrainian State Border Guard and Customs Services, Moldovan Border Police together with representatives of nuclear and radiological agencies of both countries took part in the event.

        In a course of the workshop EUBAM experts presented EU procedures on detection, containment, transportation, and disposal of nuclear materials. Using the example of Germany and Bulgaria the Mission’s experts demonstrated European practices on radiological emergency response at the strategic and operational levels. At the same time, Moldovan and Ukrainian professionals showcased both countries’ modi operandi employed in case of radioactive materials detection and exchanged experience in handling such cases. Considering the importance of real-life practice for improving operational response to radiological threats, the participants have agreed to develop and conduct a practical exercise.

        General Slawomir Pichor, Head of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine welcomed the decision to hold a practical exercise. The Head of Mission also underlined the importance of joint action in tackling radioactive materials. “When radiological and nuclear threat is detected, it requires swift and coordinated reaction from multiple agencies and synergy among all the participants to successfully neutralize it. Effective cooperation is even more crucial for management of response to such incidents if they are of cross-border nature. Therefore, I would like to highlight the importance of this event, which created a platform for exchanging experience and expanding cooperation at the national and international levels,” the Head of Mission said.