EUBAM supports implementation of the Moldova Customs Service’s Risk Management Strategy

        Experts from Poland, Belgium, Estonia, Croatia and Latvia shared their experience with Moldovan Customs Service officers on 4-5 July, during a seminar on risk management practices organised by EUBAM. The event, held in Chisinau, was designed to give new insights to guide Moldova’s Customs Service in the implementation of their Risk Management Strategy, which was approved earlier this year.

        The seminar focused on five main themes: customs risk taxonomy – risk classification and register, performance evaluation in risk management, analytical IT tools used in risk analysis, risk analysis and profiling of passengers in air and railway traffic, and risk analysis methods applied to e-commerce – profiling of parcels in postal and express services.

        Participants from Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service also participated, and over the two day seminar, attendees discussed with EU experts international risk management concepts and standards, methods and risk analysis programs and methodology and exchanged their practices.

        The Concept of Customs Risk Management was elaborated through the Moldova Customs Service’s Risk Management Strategy. Risk management helps the Customs Service determine the different potential threats associated with goods being transported to and from the Republic of Moldova, and guides Customs Officers in determining the extent of checks required.