EUBAM supports its partners in strategic intelligence analysis

        When COVID-19 threatens the health and wellbeing of Ukrainian and Moldovan citizens, firearms and drug traffickers, smugglers and organized crime groups develop their modi operandi trying to take advantage of the pandemic. Considering these threats, building up the capacity of partner services is a Mission’s priority. Therefore, on 24-25 March, EUBAM in cooperation with Europol – the European Union law enforcement agency – has organized online mentoring sessions on strategic intelligence analysis.


        Representatives of nine different law-enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Moldova were participating in the joint lectures and workshops aimed at enhancing their strategic planning capabilities. During the exercises, Ukrainian and Moldovan law enforcers, together, practiced mapping out a strategic overview of domestic and international threats. Europol experts paid a special attention to sharing new approaches towards gathering intelligence and its analysis. The experts showcased the best and state-of-the-art practices from across EU member states including recent operation ARMSTRONG that led to the seizure of 300 units of different weapons and 600 pieces of ammunition. 


        Enhanced expertise in strategic intelligence analysis will facilitate prevention and investigation of cross-border crime, as well as contribute to safety and security not only across the Moldova-Ukraine border but in the entire region.