EUBAM supports reduction of trade barriers

        On 23-24 November EUBAM hosted the 3rd Annual Trade Facilitation Working Group Meeting in Odessa. The meeting brought together representatives from the Customs agencies of Moldova and Ukraine, European Commission’s Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD), EU member states, Chambers of Commerce and business communities. Barriers in international trade and implementation of the customs part of the EU – Moldova and EU – Ukraine Association Agreements, including DCFTAs were focused on.

        The participants learned about modern customs instruments, identified gaps in the implementation of the Association Agreements and DCFTA and discussed possible solutions. The meeting resulted in a number of recommendations on improvement of the customs processes and procedures related to the Authorized Economic Operator program, export/import fees and charges, guarantee management, rules of origin, simplified procedures and post clearance control and audit.

        The Trade Facilitation Working Group was established jointly by EUBAM and DG TAXUD.  The Working Group serves as a discussion forum for customs authorities, business and EU entities. The Working Group’s activities are aimed at minimizing customs barriers in international trade according to EU and international standards.