EUBAM together with its Partner Services look for opportunity to invigorate the inter-agency mobile units

        On 18 July, EUBAM and its Partner Services met in Odesa and looked for opportunities to invigorate the inter-agency mobile units.

        During the intense and open discussions, the parties identified the points that should be still addressed in order to overcome the existing challenges and reinforce the inter-agency mobile units.

        This was also a timely opportunity especially that the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine is in the process of building the customs mobile units. On this point, the representatives of Moldovan border agencies shared their experience in establishing their service’s and inter-agency mobile units. EUBAM also presented EU practices related to functioning of this type of inter-agency cooperation mechanism.

        Partner services acknowledged the opportunities and benefits coming from joint operations and agreed to continue their efforts towards advancing this concept with EUBAM’s support.

        Nota bene: Mobile unit means a control unit composed, in accordance with foreseen tasks, of representatives of one or more agencies to carry out inland control and/or surveillance between border crossing points.