EUBAM trains on forged documents

        Chisinau, 4 March – More than forty Moldovan border policemen and officers of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs started a three-day training course to improve their ability to detect forged travel documents.

        The EUBAM course provides basic information available in document security to the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With advancing technology the fake documents are getting more and more sophisticated. That’s why it is important that the border officers’ knowledge is up-to-date.

        “Fake IDs are a problem not only for Moldova, but also present a global challenge, especially in light of international terrorism and human trafficking. Many crimes can be avoided or solved by detecting forged documents,” said Matthias Ambrecht, the EUBAM Border Police Expert conducting the training.

        “The information offered during the training is useful for our work because we are dealing with foreign travel documents on daily basis. It helps us identify forgeries and also learn from the experience of our European colleagues”, said Dumitru Salaru of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum.

        The course focuses on the visual and electronic security features of identification documents and participants receive practical tips on how to distinguish genuine identification documents from forgeries. The course topics include forgery methods, Schengen visa, selected foreign passports and detection of impostors using valid documents.