EUBAM trains on intellectual property rights

        During 20-21 March, EUBAM organized a training event on intellectual property rights at the training centre of the Moldovan Customs Service. The training focused on the legal aspects of intellectual property rights and practical tips on how to select suspicious shipments with counterfeit goods for control. This action involved the right holders and practitioners from some EU member states.

        Besides, it was the first time when representatives of pharmaceutical business participated in the  EUBAM intellectual property rights training session and gave recent information on global threats and trends that belong to illicit distribution of fake medicines.

        Counterfeiting medical products is a new trend in violating intellectual property rights. And the Council of Europe recognized that by its Medicrime Convention.   Its purpose is threefold:

        •             providing for the criminalisation of certain acts;

        •             protecting the rights of victims of the offences established under this Convention;

        •             promoting national and international co-operation.

        As of February 2014, the treaty has been ratified by Hungary, Spain, and Ukraine. It has not entered into force yet.