First Giurgiulesti International Free Port Users Forum agrees closer public-private co-operation to facilitate trade

        Giurgiulesti, 4 July – At the first Giurgiulesti International Free Port Users Forum, representatives of agencies of the Republic of Moldova’s Government and the port operators confirmed a series of measures to facilitate trade. Agreement was reached to share pre-arrival information on vessels with Moldova’s Food Safety Agency (ANSA) to assist them determine the levels of controls needed. This measure will allow ANSA to target their efforts, leading to faster and more efficient processing of cargo.

        The Government of the Republic of Moldova also confirmed the appointment of an ombudsman, based within the Ministry of Finance, to monitor and address challenges within the port hampering legitimate trade at the port.

        The Giurgiulesti International Free Port Users Forum was created to catalyse the implementation of the recommendations stemming from the joint EUBAM-Moldovan Customs Service study on the Customs procedures at the port, launched in May 2017. It brought together representatives from the border services, the Harbour Master and the port’s owner/operator, and has been designed to address day-to-day practical, local, operational, logistical and administrative issues between all relevant stakeholders. The Forum’s next meeting will take place in September.