Head of EUBAM coordinates cooperation with Ukrainian partners in Odesa

        On 24 June, the Head of EUBAM, Slawomir Pichor, paid a working visit to Odesa. The aim of the trip was to assess the situation on the ground and coordinate with the Ukrainian partners priority areas for further action. 


        At the beginning of his trip, the Head of EUBAM visited the Mission’s HQ to meet with the national staff that remained in Odesa. In the course of the meeting, the Head of Mission thanked all the personnel for their invaluable service and commended their resilience and commitment. 


        During the visit, the Head of EUBAM held meetings with the Head of Odesa Regional Military Administration, Maksym Marchenko, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Odesa, Serhii Orlov, the Head of Southern Regional Directorate of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Major General Serhii Mul and Acting Head of the Odesa Customs House, Vitalii Zakolodyazhnyi. The Head of Mission expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine and honoured those, who defend Ukraine’s independence from the Russian unjust war. On their part, the Ukrainian partners stressed the importance of EUBAM’s presence and work at the Ukraine-Moldova border during the current critical times. The parties discussed initiatives aimed at streamlining exports of agricultural products from Ukraine to EU countries, facilitating the movement of trucks subsequently reducing waiting times at border crossing points. At the same time, the Partners examined the Mission’s capacity-building proposals that will enhance border management and strengthen the response to new challenges at the Moldova-Ukraine border.


        “EU support for Ukraine is stronger than ever and our Mission is also stepping up our contribution. The unprovoked Russian invasion creates new challenges and threats at the Ukraine-Moldova border. To overcome them, EUBAM is ready to work with our Ukrainian partners, providing all-around assistance. As the historic move has been made and Ukraine embarks on the journey towards EU accession, EUBAM will always be there to support our partners on their European path,” the Head of EUBAM, General Slawomir Pichor said.