Head of EUBAM meets the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration in Chisinau

        On 23 June, the Head of EUBAM, Slawomir Pichor, held a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Cristina Lesnic, at the premises of the Moldovan Government in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

        The Head of EUBAM briefed the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration on the Mission’s advisory support to Transnistria settlement process and confidence building through technical solutions provided to specialists from Chisinau and Tiraspol.

        The parties also tackled the topic of vehicles with number plates issued in Transnistrian region, in the context of the recent resumption of the activities of the joint Vehicle Registration Offices (VROs) in Tiraspol and Ribnita, after their operations were suspended on March 20 during the state of emergency related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Deputy Prime Minister informed that, since 1 September 2018, VROs in Tiraspol and Ribnita have issued 3,801 neutral-designed license plates for Transnistrian vehicles to ensure their participation in the international traffic

        “Although the COVID-19 circumstances impacted the speed of delivery under a number of activities, EUBAM carried out with the work on creating conditions for facilitating interaction between Chisinau and Tiraspol specialists and continued participation, as a part of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova’s team in the videoconferences of the thematic Expert (Working) Groups on Customs, Road Transportation and Economy, Commerce and Foreign Trade.”, highlighted Slawomir Pichor, the Head of EUBAM

        On her side, the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Cristina Lesnic, commended the Mission’s activities in supporting Transnistria settlement process and reaffirmed the availability of the Republic of Moldova to ensure a further cooperation with EUBAM.