Head of EUBAM meets with the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration in Chisinau

        On 12 March, the Head of EUBAM, Slawomir Pichor, met with the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Olga Cebotari, at the premises of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau.

        The parties discussed and shared opinions on topical issues of the Transnistria settlement process: participation of Transnistrian economic operators in international trade and admission of vehicles from Transnistrian region to international road traffic.

        The Head of EUBAM reconfirmed the Mission’s readiness to continue its advisory support to the Transnistria settlement process and confidence building through delivery of technical solutions and capacity building events to specialists from both banks of the Nistru river.

        On her part, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the Moldovan authorities’ interest in receiving assistance and technical expertise to back the efforts in identifying viable solutions to topical issues on the settlement negotiations agenda.

        At the end, the officials expressed their willingness to continue the dialogue on various aspects of mutual interest, as well as to strengthen the interaction, to prompt sustainable solutions to the Transnistria-related confidence building measures.