Head of EUBAM Mission meets the top management of the border agencies of the Republic of Moldova

        On 21 August in Chisinau the Head of EUBAM Slawomir PICHOR held two meetings with the newly appointed Head of Border Police of the Republic of Moldova, Rosian Vasiloi, and the Acting Director of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova Iurie Ceban respectively. The parties summarized the jointly achieved results and outlined the prospects for future cooperation.

        At the meeting of EUBAM and the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova discussion focused on measures aimed at strengthening the operations of the Border Police mobile teams. The participants also tackled the joint control at the Moldova-Ukraine border, highlighting its advantages in managing the flow of travellers and means of transport.  In this context,  Border Police reiterated its commitment and willingness to advance, with the support of Ukrainian counterparts and EUBAM’s assistance, the concept of joint control and joint border patrolling.

        Likewise, at the meeting of EUBAM  and  the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova, the sides discussed the recent legislative amendments regarding the activity of Duty Free Shops as well as the status of the draft of the New Customs Code developed with EUBAM’s support. The adoption of the new Code is considered to be an important step in fulfilling the commitments originating from EU-Moldova Association Agreement and the DFCTA. The parties also debated on the border crossing points infrastructure adjustments and rolling out the joint control on the Moldova-Ukraine border, fine-tuning of the pre-arrival information exchange system on the goods and means of transport moved over the Moldova-Ukraine border as well as on the joint border control operations.

        „During these two important meetings both EUBAM and its Moldovan partner services reaffirmed their commitment to continue cooperation for achieving our commonly set objectives. The support expressed by the new management gives me trust that toghether we will smoothly move forward with the modernization of the border management  in the region.”, stated the Head of EUBAM.