Head of EUBAM Mission meets the top management of the Moldovan Border Police

        On 13 August, in Chisinau, the Head of EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) Slawomir Pichor held the first working meeting with Chief Commissioner Rosian Vasiloi, the newly appointed Head of the Moldovan General Border Police Inspectorate.

        The parties summarized the jointly achieved results and outlined the prospects for future cooperation. In this regard, the Head of the General Border Police Inspectorate expressed his sincere appreciation for EUBAM’s work and stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation with EUBAM, which has been and remains a reliable partner in the integrated management of the state border. He also briefly introduced the key priorities of the Border Police development for the near future. On his part, Head of EUBAM presented current EUBAM key activities related to the modernization of the border management and fighting cross-border crime as well as  the new format of operations in southern and northern segments of the MD-UA border.

        “I congratulate you most warmly both on my behalf and my team for your appointment for this important position. I trust that together we would move forward with the implementation of the Integrated Border Management concept at the Moldova – Ukraine state border”, Slawomir Pichor said.