Law enforcement agencies deepen cooperation to combat trafficking of arms and nuclear materials

        A workshop on firearms, nuclear and radiological materials trafficking within the EU, Ukraine and Moldova took place in Odesa on 2 December. The event was jointly organised by the EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) and EUROPOL, and brought together representatives of the law-enforcement agencies of the two countries, as well as Frontex, EFE (European Firearms Experts), EMPACT driver – Spain, Ministry of Administration and Interior of Romania and the UK National Crime Agency.

        The event provided the opportunity to share information and exchange best practices, as well as to develop the essential contacts needed between EUBAM’s national partners and EU law-enforcement structures.

        Razvan Budeanu, Head of EUBAM’s Field Operations said: “Firearms, nuclear and radiological materials smuggling is one of the most serious risks to the security at the Moldova-Ukraine border. Tackling this illegal activity requires a highly collaborative approach of the Moldovan and Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, with direct operational support from all international organisations active in this area.”

        Working together – at the national, bilateral and international level – is a key to a co-ordinated and coherent approach that should deliver results for Moldova, Ukraine and EU Member States. EUBAM initiatives support this interaction, and the Mission’s activities focus on assisting the law-enforcement agencies of Moldova and Ukraine in strengthening their capacities to identify, detect, seize and investigate illicit trafficking of weapons, radiological and nuclear materials.