Leaflet aims to improve transparency at border-crossing points

        During a press tour to Mogilev-Podolski yesterday, EUBAM and its Moldovan and Ukrainian partners disseminated the first copies of a new information leaflet designed to inform travellers of essential customs, security and border-crossing information – whether entering Ukraine or Moldova.

        The project is part of EUBAM’s efforts to support partners enhance their communication and public-information efficacy. As well as informing travellers of their rights and obligations, the provision of public information at the border is also an important pillar of transparency and the fight against corruption. The quality and clarity of information provided to the public has an important bearing on vulnerability to corruption; good public information also reduces uncertainty and enhances predictability for people crossing the border.

        EUBAM has for the moment printed 30,000 copies of the leaflet, which partners will now disseminate at border-crossing points along the Moldova-Ukraine border, with the exception of the central (or Transnistrian) sector. It is also envisaged that they will upload the leaflet information onto their websites.

        The leaflet – published in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Moldovan languages – consolidates important border-crossing information such as documentation requirements, prohibited items, customs allowances, driving rules and speed limits, emergency contacts, etc, with Moldovan information featured on one side and Ukrainian on the other.

        This project is modelled on the EURO 2012 ‘Border Crossing and Security Guide’ for football fans that EUBAM developed with Ukrainian and Polish border agencies last year, when 400,000 copies of that leaflet were distributed via web portals, at border crossing points on the Poland-Ukraine border, and at EURO 2012 host-city airports.