Meet our staff: Anna Stakhanova, Senior Interpreter / Coordinator

        Effective written and oral communication between EUBAM, its partner services and the general public is the bedrock for success. I’ve been working at the Mission for more than seven years and my job is to ensure effective communication among people with different native languages, backgrounds and outlooks.

        As an interpreter, I am responsible for information being correctly relayed during discussions, no matter what the language quality or accent of the speaker is. The real indicator of quality is when the participants do not feel that they are talking via an interpreter; when they do not feel inhibited to fully express themselves as they would naturally do.

        Except for different types of interpreting, my time is spent translating and proofreading documents, revising and editing them. My team and I deal with a variety of texts covering a broad range of topics. Our translations are often cited by the media and used in the drafting of legislation. Knowing that the European Commission has entrusted us with translating the documents which are fundamental for Moldova and Ukraine’s relationship with the EU is a big responsibility. But what keeps me motivated is the awareness that they will be used by EUBAM’s partner services to develop their capacities, and ultimately their ability to deliver better services to travellers and businesses.

        EUBAM helps my home country and my home region overcome different challenges, including trade and security. It is only natural that I would like to contribute to that with my skills and knowledge.