‘Modern women at the modern border’ photo competition results

        In celebration of International Women’s Day, EUBAM launched a photo competition to depict the important roles women play today within the Border and Customs agencies of Moldova and Ukraine. Female staff constitute 27% of all personnel across EUBAM’s four partner services. Yet the photographs testify that in today’s modern border and customs agencies women play an equally important part in their functioning; at the border, at inland clearance posts, in enforcement roles, and in highly-skilled, technical support functions.

        The competition was conducted in conjunction with the Moldovan Border Police and Customs Service, as well as the State Border Guard Service and State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The three best photos from each country were selected, with representatives of EUBAM and the four partner services jointly choosing the winning entries. 195 photos were submitted from across Ukraine and Moldova, depicting female Border and Customs Officers as well as women crossing the border.

        The winning entries were selected based on their photographic merit and portrayal of the wide variety of responsibilities undertaken. EUBAM hopes that this photo competition will help to acknowledge the commitment and skills of female Border and Customs Officers in both Moldova and Ukraine in maintaining secure borders and facilitating efficient trade and travel.

        • Photographer: Ivan Rusanov