Moldovan and Ukrainian security services step up cooperation

        The Intelligence and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova (ISS) and the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) agreed today to step up cooperation in view of increasing risks to regional security. Joint efforts to carry out common assessments of the security threats at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and to tackle cross-border crime were identified as priorities during the trilateral meeting of security services of two countries and the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM).

        Opening the meeting, Francesco Bastagli, the Head of EUBAM said: “The security services of the partner countries and the Mission have enjoyed fruitful cooperation over many years. The current challenging regional security environment makes it more important than ever to make cooperation and information-sharing systems between the two countries work as effectively as possible. The Mission stands ready to assist with technical advice and support to help our partners.”

        Mr Vadim Vrabie, Deputy Director of the Intelligence and Security Service of Moldova said: “It is important to emphasize the high level of trust and transparency in our cooperation with the special services of Ukraine and European partners in the area of information exchange and precise coordination of actions during special operations. Nevertheless, the unresolved conflict in Transnistria, as well as the current situation in the Eastern Ukraine continues to give rise to risks and threats for regional security. In this regard it makes sense to consolidate our efforts to guarantee cross-border security”.

        Yurii Artyukhov, First Deputy Chairman and Head of the General Directorate on Combatting Corruption and Organised Crime at the Security Service of Ukraine also stressed the importance of stepping up of cooperation among partners as only joint efforts in responding to cross-border and regional threats could have a positive impact on strengthening border security.

        SSU and ISS agreed to intensify information exchange and analysis related to the situation at Moldovan-Ukrainian border and adjacent territories. They also agreed to coordinate efforts to counteract smuggling, illegal migration and trafficking of human beings. Special focus was given to the prevention of smuggling of armament and munitions, as well as drugs and precursors.

        EUBAM offered Moldovan and Ukrainian partners strategic, analytical and operational support. In particular, the Mission proposed assistance in drafting national strategies and relevant legislation on counteracting the smuggling of tobacco and other goods.

        The Security Service of Ukraine expressed an interest in taking part in the implementation of recommendations stated at Odessa and Illichevsk Ports Study, conducted by EUBAM in summer 2014.

        This was the seventh trilateral meeting between SSU, ISS and EUBAM.