Moldovan Border Police launches a new Code of Conduct

        Today the Moldovan Border Police launched a new Code of Conduct at Tudora-Starokozache border crossing point. As a part of the launch, the Border Police introduced new information material for travellers on their rights and obligations during border crossing.

        The Code of Conduct is an important step towards a more customer oriented approach and an improved service culture.  Border Police intends to raise awareness of the Code across the organisation and beyond. The Code is effective only if both the staff and customers can report problems and seek advice. Thus, the new campaign does not only provide information but also encourages customer feedback, both positive and negative.

        EUBAM has had an advisory role in the project and encouraged open communications on the new standards. To support the information campaign, the Mission printed a Code of Conduct booklet for the Border Police staff and assisted in the production of the information material for the public.

        “With this code, we’ll offer additional tools for our employees, our institution and the community we serve. We will be able to evaluate our behavior while moving closer to high EU standards of border policing,” said Mr Dorin Purice, the Head of Border Police.

        “The Code is not just a booklet to be kept in your pocket. It represents a set of values and practices that must be followed effectively and brought to the attention of all people involved. By doing so Moldovan Border Police ensures a better cooperation with the public and improvement of the services,” the Head of EUBAM, Mr. Francesco Bastagli, said.

        The initiative is part of a broader, EUBAM supported, development of the principles of modern management and good-governance in border control.