Moldovan customs officers trained on their X-ray image interpretation

        This week 11 Moldovan customs officers trained their skills in interpreting x-ray images. The EUBAM and Celbet organized the event to enhance the skills to properly arrange X-ray scanning processes, recognizing when a scan shows forbidden goods transported by different means.

        The week-long training consisted of a practical part at the Training Center of the Customs Service on interpreting x-ray images. At the Leuseni border crossing point, the participants learned more about the organization of the scanning process and the benefits of implementing non-intrusive inspections during customs clearance.

        This kind of training will strengthen the capabilities of the Customs Service to prevent and counter the flow of illegal goods at the border and to carry out checks using non-intrusive equipment. As this was the “Train the Trainers” format, the 11 officers can return to their duty stations and pass on the knowledge to their colleagues.