New Deputy Head of Mission

        01 December 2014 Ambassador Harcourt Andrew Pretorius Tesoriere is taking up his duties as the Deputy Head of EUBAM.

        Ambassador Tesoriere is a former senior British diplomat and specialist in security, trans-boundary, governance and Islamic issues. He has served as British Ambassador to Albania, Algeria and Latvia; and Charge d’Affaires to Afghanistan and Syria. He was Director of the UN Special Mission to Afghanistan from 1998-2000, where he mediated between the Taliban administration and their opponents, developing confidence-building measures and chairing key peace talks in 1999. He was Head of UN Humanitarian Field Operations in Afghanistan from 1994-95. More recently from 2008-12 he served as Head of the OSCE Mission in Kyrgyzstan, where he chaired the standing OSCE-UN-EU troika focussing on reconciliation issues. Previously he was NATO’s senior policy advisor in southern Afghanistan from 2007-8. Andrew has served in the UK Armed Forces, as Executive Chairman of the OSCE postgraduate Academy and studied diverse languages, including French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Pashto, Latvian and Albanian.