Ongoing review of the visa liberalization plan for Ukraine

        Today EUBAM welcomed experts from European Union Member States, the European Commission, Frontex and the EU Delegation to Ukraine, who travelled to Odessa to examine the state of implementation of the plan for visa liberalization which was launched by Ukraine in November 2010. The team will later travel to other regions of Ukraine and conclude its country-wide review by 26 September.

        EUBAM supports this evaluation in the framework of the EU-Ukraine visa dialogue. At events held in Kiev and Odessa, including field visits, the Mission is assisting in the assessment of the progress made in the cross-border movement of people. This relates to such issues as border management, including cooperation among national agencies and cross-border cooperation, risk analysis of the threats posed by organized crime and traffickers, illegal migration and readmission.

        Visa liberalization is one of the initiatives intended to promote people-to-people contacts. It is a key joint pursuit of the so-called Eastern Partnership between the European Union and non-EU members to the East of the Union. As the required conditions are met, Ukrainian citizens will gradually benefit from a visa-free regime when travelling to EU countries.