Participants assess 10th JBCO ‘Podolia’ in Odessa

        At EUBAM headquarters in Odessa yesterday, representatives from Interpol, Europol, and EUBAM’s partner services in Moldova and Ukraine assessed the results of the Joint Border Control Operation (JBCO) PODOLIA that was carried out at key locations on the common Ukrainian-Moldovan border during autumn 2012.

        Aimed at increasing the effectiveness of border and customs control, preventing and combating trans-border crimes, and enhancing inter-agency and international cooperation, PODOLIA is the 10th JBCO to have been coordinated by EUBAM together with its partners in Moldova and Ukraine, international organisations and law enforcement authorities of EU Member States.

        The operation was supported by the National Coordination Bureau of Interpol in Kiev, Europol, SELEC, WCO Regional Intelligence Liaison Office Eastern and Central Europe (RILO/ECE), BLKA (Bavarian Police), Frontex and several EU Member State border and customs authorities such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as liaison officers from Poland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

        JBCO PODOLIA used special Task Force Teams that operated at selected border crossing points and inland customs points targeting specific types of crime. Yesterday’s participants considered the JBCO a success in all key areas: strengthening border and customs control at the border and inland locations, enhancing cooperation between Moldovan and Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, and between the partner services and international organisations/agencies, as well as ensuring an adequate response to identified threats.

        JBCO PODOLIA has obviously achieved its goals and proved to be an effective operational technique worth to pursue.