Progress achieved in preparatory work for full-fledged joint controls at the UA-MD border

        On 30 January, EUBAM hosted the 8th Meeting of the Steering Committee of the EU project on ‘Enhancing Integrated Border Management along the Ukraine-Moldova border’, implemented by IOM Mission to Ukraine. Participants acknowledged a progress in the construction works at Kuchurhan-Pervomaisc and Reni-Giurgulesti border crossing points (BCPs). It was also agreed to extend the implementation period of the project until August 2020 due to broadening the scope of refurbishment works at Kuchurhan-Pervomaisc BCP and need for installing video control and automatic number plate recognition systems at those BCPs. The project is aimed at rehabilitating and enhancing the BCPs’ inspection facilities, and once completed it will facilitate the implementation of joint border control by both Ukrainian and Moldovan authorities in line with the EU best practices.

         Photo: New control booths at Reni BCP and Kuchurhan BCP