EUBAM remains on guard against health and economic hazards

        Tobacco products being harmful on their own do even more harm when laws that should control them are breached. In the Republic of Moldova, as in any country, enforcement of tobacco control legislation is pivotal for the creation of a transparent and controlled market of tobacco products. That is why, on 31March, EUBAM has organized an online workshop devoted to this issue. The event brought together high-level officials from Moldovan Customs Service and the National Public Health Agency, alongside the EU High-Level Adviser on Customs and Tax Policy.

        During the workshop, participants debated legal aspects of tobacco control, including requirements for import and health labelling of such products. EUBAM experts shared an analysis of the cigarette market in region. At the end of the event, representatives of the Moldovan Customs and National Public Health Agency agreed to elaborate a Cooperation Protocol aimed at enforcing tobacco control and impeding the illicit tobacco trade.

        The high-level Moldovan officials from both agencies welcomed the EUBAM initiative and invited all relevant stakeholders from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to join and coordinate efforts on counteracting the illicit tobacco trade. Joint action on the enforcement of tobacco control legislation as well as strengthened efforts towards bringing imported tobacco products in compliance with national health regulations would contribute both to the reduction of cross-border crime, reinforcement of the national budgets, and to health of the citizens.