EUBAM workshop promotes Moldovan and Ukrainian exports through clearer Customs procedures.

        Between 30 May and 1 June, Customs experts from Moldova and Ukraine were briefed on the implementation of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean (PEM) Convention on preferential rules of origin. Moldova is already applying the PEM Convention, whilst Ukraine has recently initiated the procedure for becoming a Contracting Party (CP) to it. The workshop sought to prepare Moldova’s Customs Service and Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service for this, to ensure the full benefits of the Convention is achieved by businesses in both countries.

        The Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention is a legal instrument on rules of origin applied in bilateral preferential trade between the Contracting Parties. It makes links to the free trade agreements with other Contracting Parties, which allows for cumulating of origin and better use of preferences.

        Participants were briefed on the aims and benefits of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention, as well as on the ongoing revision of the rules of origin designed to simplify and facilitate trade. EU practice was shared on the use of suppliers’ declarations, functioning of the approved exporters’ system and registered exporters’ system, application of the no-drawback rule and customs control on preferential import. The Customs experts also exchanged experience on their accession to the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention and the application of the current rules of origin operating in their Association Agreements with the EU.

        The event, held in Odesa, was organised in conjunction with the European Commission’s DG TAXUD, together with representatives of Poland’s Customs Administration and France’s Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes.